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Thread: Gorsey Bank ---- "Stockport"

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    Red face Gorsey Bank ---- "Stockport"

    Tucked back onto the bank of the river Mersey is a expanse of land which has been a ghost estate for the last 15 or more years.

    All that remains are street light stumps and the roads. if you look hard enough in the heart of the old estate possessions still remain.

    Gorsey bank was once a sought after estate to live in, a tight community with good people. in the 70s-early 80's travellers found it a refuge as the road in was the road out and a foot bridge that spanned the River Mersey as it was a good gettaway on foot. They took home on the fields on the bank and Good people moved out of the houses. Council then moved he not so good people in untill in all the houses were the ruff people. In the late mid 80's the council tried to evict people to make it a nice housing association estate as they saw there error. They didn't succeed. Late 80's they evicted with a demolition order. All the houses were demolished one by one as they came empty. The last remaining residents and houses flattened in 1992. yes that's how long it took for them all to be removed.

    Over the years stories of buried drugs, cash and other loot, ghosts and strange happenings. This actually stopped travellers from resting there when it was derelict. You can see where the barricade has been placed to stop the travellers but we all know that if they want to, they will. Why dont they? many people ask as its a HUGE piece of land which at the moment is doing nothing. many stories are around from why they choose not to settle.

    Dave and I went for a walk round the old estate over the weekend, the atmosphere is heavy laden with emptiness, the only thing living there now are cats and now wild garden plants. We took photos as we walked around.

    This is the main road into the state. The river to the right and houses and roadlets to the left. The footpaths of the road are only accessible at some points, now totally overgrown. only a small part of the middle of the road is walkable.

    A view from the start of the main road. To the right is the path to the footbridge. To the left would have been houses.

    A little roadlet, ending in what would have been side gardens of the houses on the other side.

    The demolition team didnt finish here, stories were they got the spooks. Nobody questioned them and they just left what was there with no cleanup operation.

    Down into the heart of the estate, we couldnt go any further as the road was black with old burned out tyres. To the left is the field in which the travellers settled. To the right are the remnants of the houses which would have been the most wanted. The view of the field and also the river (back then you could see it more).

    Even the tree's are starting to give up living here, this would have been alot smaller and situated in a front garden.

    I have been through here many many times, one of the times. your going to say yeah right BUT one of the times I was walking down the road to the heart of it and through nature I moved onto the footpath as I heard or felt a car coming down the road... i then realised a car hasn't gone down the road for the last 15 years.

    This was the old footbridge which used to carry gas and electric to the other side of the mersey. Set for demolition and removal in 2006.

    They replaced it with a new one as they always do, wider and more up to date. They said the old one wasnt safe, although as we all know the older bridges are the more sturdier. Stockport heritage say that they just want to remove all trace of the old estate. Sturdy houses and sturdy bridge, destroyed because of the councils mistake.

    This is the new bridge. i don't personally like it but that's probably because I have been using the old bank footbridge since i was a wee slip of a girl.

    A view from above on 2008 mapping on google earth.

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    Default Re: Gorsey Bank ---- "Stockport"

    It depends on what sort of travellers they were . Romanies are very superstitious and they may take into account that sort of story but it would have to be pretty bad and involving one of their own I would have thought .

    If it was New Age travellers then if anything I would have thought it would have attracted them to the site .

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