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Thread: The Midlands History Festival

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    Default The Midlands History Festival


    Over the weekend of August 7th & 8th several hundred re-enactors portraying periods as diverse as Ancient Spartans and WW2 Italians
    will be the key elements in one of the largest multi-period historical festivals in the country, as the Midlands History Festival is staged at the Stratford Armouries just to the North of Stratford upon Avon.

    There will be Living History Camps to explore, and a packed programme of drills and demonstrations including Falconry, Dance, Artillery, Medieval Sword Fighting, Dark Age Combat and Treachery, Archery, Arming the Knight, and a large scale daily Medieval Battle, which promises to be noisy and colourful.

    Additionally there will be wandering minstrels, side shows, a sizeable historic market, a craft marquee, quality caterers and the infamous Trollsbottom Real Ale Bar, complete with buxom wenches. In fact, the Guild Of Wenches are having their Annual General Meeting at the Festival, so you are guaranteed cleavage!

    Full details are available at the website, Midland History Festival, history in the making and there is a facebook page at Midlands History Festival 7th & 8th August 2010 | Facebook

    This will be a fantastic family day out, and an un-rivalled photographic opportunity.

    Best wishes
    David Smith and Laurie Wignall

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